Top 5 must-try foods when you go to Qatar

Qatar is one the places that have a rich culture when it comes to food. If you ever go to Qatar, you want to make sure that you are going to try out some of the best foods they have so that you can complete the experience. Their cuisine involves complex flavors, slow cooking techniques, and a blend of spices that make their food unique. If you are looking for the best food to check out when you go to Qatar, below are the top 5 foods that you should not miss out on.


If you are looking for food that smells and tastes like home, something warm, rich, and comforting, then Saloona is definitely something worth the try. It is a classic Arab stew that is often cooked for family dinners. It is normally made with lamb, fish, or beef, depending on what is commonly available. It has a lot of vegetables and is flavored using ginger and garlic. It is normally paired with bread that will soak up the broth. Depending on where you get it, this comes in a couple of versions, and every version is certainly worth the try. It is often served with lime to balance out the flavors.

Warak enab

While stuffed vine leaves are popular in middle eastern cultures, the ones in Qatar are very delightful to the senses. The warak enab is a dish that has minced lamb or beef mixed with rice and seasoned using coriander, pepper, and garlic. It is best enjoyed with slices of lemon. You are going to enjoy this delicious meal without a doubt. It is very pleasing to the tastebuds, and it leaves a great sensation in the mouth as well. You can easily get it at Shisha Garden if you are looking to find a place that serves a tasty warak enab.


You cannot visit Qatar and leave without trying this national dish. It is made with chicken or lamb that is slow-cooked to perfection, which gives it that deep flavor. It is served with rice with salad on the side or tomato sauce. You can get this dish anywhere in Qatar since it is a national dish and the best part is that it is going to make you feel the authenticity of Qatari cooking when you try it out.


A flexible food that you can eat at any time of the day is the madrouba or rice porridge. This is cooked with chicken, butter, cardamom, milk, and beans. It is simmered for a long time until it gets a mushy texture. It also comes with different toppings, like fried onions. It is mouthwatering and certainly pleasing to the appetite. You ought to make sure that you try it out before you go.

Kousa mahshi

Courgettes that are stuffed with vegetables and lamb are what this dish is. You can find this in a lot of different restaurants all over Qatar. It normally comes with a dip to give you the complete dining experience. The flavors work out well, and it gives you that wonderful flavor to your tastebuds. It also comes in generous portions when it is served, so you can totally understand why it is one of the best foods that you should not miss out on when you go to Qatar. Qatar foods are delicious and rich in flavors, and that is why a lot of people have been trying them out. Your visit to Qatar will not be complete without tasting the dishes mentioned above, so make sure that you give them a try and see for yourself the magic that they have.

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