Genshin Impact – How To Get Noctilucous Jade

Genshin Impact’s one of the most intriguing quests is the Big Business quest. In this quest, you are required to collect three lost invoices. The found items should be given to Landa to advance to the next level. This post will teach you how to get noctilucous jade in Genshin Impact.

Easiest Way – Buy Noctilucous Jade

The easiest and time efficient way to get noctilucous jade is by buying it from an NPC. The noctilucous jade is one of the important items to pass the Big Business quest, and it can take quite a time to find them. If you buy them, you don’t have to put yourself through an exhausting searching task. If you head to the Liyue Harbor, you can find the non-playable character named Shitou, who will give your noctilucous jade in exchange for other in-game currency. You can buy one stone for 1,000 Mora. There are only five stones available for sale. However, it will be reset in five days. Since noctilucous jade is an extremely rare mutation gemstone, it is expensive.

This is the quick and time-saving way to get noctilucous jade and finish one of the three objectives of the Big Business quest. Shitou, the NPC, can be found in Liyue Harbor commonly. If you can’t find Shitou there, head back to the nearest restaurant or blacksmith where you can find the NPC. It will give you the noctilucous jade for every 1,000 Mora.

Find Noctilucous Jade

If you wish to find the invoice rather than buying to save Mora, you can find them in various places. Notilucous jade is an expensive and rare mutation of the gemstone. Finding them is the best way to save your Mora for later use.

Notilucous jade is not an abundant resource and can hardly be found. Excluding the jades available with the vendors, only 46 Notilucous jades are available on the whole map at a given time. You can understand how scarce the mineral is in Genshin Impact. However, there is one place we have found where you can get the jades at any time. The Noctilucous jade is available in a mine in the Mingyun Village area. The mine has an accumulation of these minerals. However, getting the jades out from their deposits is not an as easy task as buying them from vendors.

They are stuck in the ground and require specific tools to take them out. When you enter the mine, you can see luminous blue objects that glow when there is no light. These are the jades, and you can use swords or bombs to separate them from their deposits. The village is located on the east side of Wagshu Inn.

Apart from the mine in Mingyun village, there are other places where you can find the invoice required to complete the mission. As we have seen that there will be only 46 jades at a given time. However, if you use many of those jades, you need not worry because the supply will be reset every two days.

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