What you need to know before using Hutao in Genshin Impact

One of the most sought-after characters in Genshin Impact is none other than, Hutao. She is a beautiful girl and is the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral parlor. She is also a talented poet, and she is quite the character to try out. Learning more about how she operates should help give you an idea about what you are in for when you decide to try using her in the game. Below is everything you need to know about Hutao.

Brief introduction

Learning more about your character is certainly necessary when it comes to choosing the right one. Hutao is a medium female type born on the 15th of July in the region of Liyue. Her special dish is called the Ghostly March. Obtaining Hutao was done in the Event-Wish moment of bloom. The only family she has left is her grandfather called, Old Hu.

Normal attack

Hutao’s normal attack is called the Secret Spear of Wangsheng, and it can do about six consecutive strikes using her spear. Her charged attack would consume stamina, but it is good for dealing with opponents in the way. The plunging attack allows Hutao to attack from mid-air to the ground and damage multiple opponents at once. It is certainly important to know that these attacks are basic and can easily damage the opponent. It might not be a lot, but consecutive use of these normal attacks can still give quite a blow to the enemy.

Elemental skill

The Guide to Afterlife is the elemental skill of Hutao, which suits her as she is the director of the funeral parlor, after all. This is characterized by an unwavering flame that can easily clean all the impurities of the world. It is also known to consume some HP, but it will easily knock all the enemies around her. When she enters the Paramita Papillio state, she will get an increase in her attack skills depending on her max HP level. This is why it is important to know this and ensure she has high HP during the time she enters the state. The damage is converted into Pyro damage as well, which allows the attacks to be more impactful. There is also the blood blossom that takes out a lot of enemies.

Spirit soother

This is a great elemental burst skill that allows a blazing spirit to attack the enemies directly. It is good and can be used around five times. If it happens that Hutao’s HP is below fifty percent, every enemy that is hit increases the damage and HP regeneration of Hutao. It is certainly quite a useful skill that can be utilized properly.


By using the crimson bouquet, Hutao is able to avoid the consumption of stamina when using the Paramita Papilio state, and that is certainly a feat to look forward to. The ominous rainfall constellation increases the damage of the blood blossom up to 10% of the max HP of Hutao at the moment she enters the stage. Butterfly’s embrace automatically activates the moment that Hutao’s HP suddenly drops to 25% and below or when she suddenly gets attacked by a lethal strike. By activating this, the damages against Hutao will be sustained, and all of her attributes will be increased to 200% of the original for around 10 seconds. Now that you know more about Hutao, you can decide if you think she is worth using. It will certainly be fun to make the most out of this character and defeat a lot of enemies together. Thus, these are the skills that you need to learn how to master.

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