Luka Modrić Nets Critical Winner as Real Temporarily Go 8 Points Clear at the Top

Luka Modrić played hero for Real Madrid as the Croatian came off the bench in the last quarter of the match to score a stunning strike, earning Los Blancos all three points against the rigid Sevilla defence. As a frequent bench warmer this season, Luka Modrić had to wait for his moment and squashed speculations of him potentially leaving the team he spent 12 years with after losing his spot to the new generation of Galacticos. Today, he showcased the greenhorns why they were still wet behind the ears and came to Real’s need in the most spectacular fashion as they now sit top with 8 points ahead of second-place Barcelona.

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How Luka Modrić Stepped Up From the Bench

Before Luka Modrić’s introduction on the pitch, Real Madrid was already dominating their visitors, but they could just not find the decisive touch. For context, Real Madrid was on the front foot from the minute go as they scored inside 10 minutes when Lucas Varquez arrowed his volley brilliantly into the far corner after Real broke with a counter. However, the goal did not stand for long as VAR agreed with the Sevilla players’ protest that Nacho won the ball unfairly off En-Nesyri. Carlo Ancelotti was furious with the decision and got himself a seldom yellow card when the referee passed by him for dissent.

With tempers and tension rising, the match unfolded into the keepers’ show. For example, Lunin and Nyland made splendid saves on each end, with the most notable saves coming from the latter with his fingertip stops against Vinicius Junior and Federico Valverde. As both keepers were in tip-top shape, the match required something special to break the deadlock, and it was then that Ancelotti turned to his bench and saw Luka Modrić.

With only a quarter left to muster something for the hosts, Luka Modrić pulled a magic out of his hat when Valverde’s initial cross fell onto his feet after a weak clearance. First, he took down the ball brilliantly away from Soumare with his first touch, then he set his sights on the far right corner and curled his shot precisely past the hands of Nyland. It was a card and carbon copy of his goal against Argentina in the 2018 World Cup, and the Croatian captain reeled away in celebrations with his teammates in tow. 

Luka Modrić Showered Heartwarming Praise at Sergio Ramos

After the tense battle between Real Madrid and Sevilla, applause rang around the pitch for Sergio Ramos’s return to the Bernabeu. In his interview, Luka Modrić also gave his former brother-in-arms a shoutout as he stated: “Sergio Ramos is my brother, and he’s a Real legend. People always judge us by age, but his level is simply outstanding. I loved seeing him today and also talked with him yesterday. He was very emotional. He’s a legend.”

As for his 15+ minutes rodeo on the pitch and his goal, Luka Modrić replied: “I’m so happy that I helped the team. It’s beautiful. It takes a lot of practice every day, every day. You can see me practising shooting at goal for hours every day. In football, you have to shoot. I did it today. and it went in. Persistence is one of our strengths. We never stop, insist, create and look for it until the end. We knew that we couldn’t let the points slip away from us today because Barcelona had come so close, and we couldn’t let that happen. That insistence throughout the match paid off. These are three crucial points for this league.”

As for his contract expiring at the end of this campaign, Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti responded that Luka Modrić has the right to decide his future. However, he also stated he would want the Croatian as a managerial staff, an offer the Croatian supposedly declined two months ago. “I don’t talk about personal things with the press. What everyone wants, including Modrić, is to be a fantastic player. I think Modric’s future is going to be chosen by him.”

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Real Madrid Has Clutchness in Spades

Real Madrid is a team synonymous with trophies and achievements, but to achieve such achievements, they must possess something others don’t, which is clutchness. For example, MR Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo came in clutch for Real numerous times in his time with the club as he almost single-handedly dragged them across the finish line.

Moreover, who can forget their memorable 2022 UEFA Champions League run, where they required back-to-back late comebacks against Chelsea and PSG with Luka Modrić and Karim Benzema at the forefront of the team? This season, Real Madrid has the reliable Jude Bellingham to dig them out of tight situations and the old guards such as Modrić and Kross to rely on when he’s out injured.

Thus, it begs the question. Is it the player or the badge contributing to Real’s clutchness? To find your answer, follow Real’s journey on AsiaSport for their latest news, high-definition highlights of every match they played, and the fastest coverage of their upcoming ties all in one platform.

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