Ronaldo’s Vertical

Cristiano Ronaldo, the former star of Real Madrid has some exceptional qualities in his style of playing football. One of his great abilities is that, during a game, to shoot a header, sometimes he jumps higher than an NBA player. Amongst all his contemporaries, he does this exceptionally well.

The record for the highest vertical jump

During a Serie A game between Sampdoria and Juventus in 2019, Ronaldo demonstrated his jumping abilities reaching the ball at 2.56m high. He banged the ball with his head into the goalpost. While scoring this world-class goal, Ronaldo’s vertical leap was 71 cm which is 28 inches high off the ground. During another match, Ronaldo met the cross made by Alex Sandro at the back post. He reached a height of 8.39 feet. The astonishing fact was that this jump by Ronaldo was greater than the crossbar, which was 8 feet. It became one of the highlights in the career of this Portuguese star player.

Header jump of Ronaldo vs Roma, 2020

In spite of being 35 years of age, the ability of Ronaldo to hang around in the air is exceptional. It only proves how fit he is. It happened during a match in the Serie A between AS Roma and Juventus, Ronaldo who is also a 5-time Balon d’Or winner, scored an exceptional header goal.

Header jump of Ronaldo for Manchester United

While playing for Manchester United, he made many unforgettable goals including which, his jump header goal against Roma in the year 2008 stands out being an exceptional one.

Header jump of Ronaldo against Wales

During a match against Wales, Ronaldo made another great jump header goal for his team Portugal. This goal too was a striking one. Ronaldo had leaped over the team of Wales and scored this fantastic goal.

Ronaldo’s workout

There remains no debate that nobody can jump and stay in the air while making a goal better than this star player of Portugal. But to achieve that heigh is not as easy as it seems. Ronaldo goes through a regular workout and fitness routine each day. The news reports state that he works out hard in the gym. He also builds up his core with Pilates doing the workout for abs. He is careful about his diet as well. His diet consists of food that is high in protein, wholegrain carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Not only this, but he also goes to bed early and makes sure to have eight hours of sleep. He has a habit of getting up early before a match. Having a good sleep has been an important part of his training session and also the jumping workout.

Jump celebration of Ronaldo Ronaldo jumps in his trademark style to celebrate a goal he makes each time. His fans call it the ‘SII’ celebration. SII means a ‘Yes’ in Spanish. For sure this is also been considered one of the iconic trademarks to celebrate by any player. As he jumps up and lands on the ground his fans join in chanting the word along with a booming sound all across the stadium. Ronaldo has said that his team knows that each time he scores a goal or they win, he does that to celebrate.

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