Sean Dyche’s Everton Continues Climb From Their 10 Points Deduction with an Assured 2-0 Against Chelsea

After their stunning 3-0 win against Newcastle at Goodison Park, Sean Dyche’s side continued their climb from the relegation spot with a comprehensive 2-0 victory against inconsistent Chelsea. Despite starting the busy Christmas period in the relegation zone after the Premier League deemed Everton guilty of breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules and deducting 10 points from them, Sean Dyche’s side has done all the talking on the pitch as they have won three games in eight days to pull clear of the drop zone and nearly claim those deducted points back already. Unfortunately for Chelsea, they were in the middle of Everton’s warpath as the club continued to defend their honour from the disproportionate punishment.

Sean Dyche’s Everton Performed Just As the Intended Table Should Have Been 

In the build-up towards this encounter, there were many discussions regarding Everton and Chelsea’s position on the table if the 10-point deduction did not go through. For context, Sean Dyche’s Everton would have been in the middle of the table, 1 point ahead of Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea as they battle at Goodison Park. Evidently, the performance rightly shows which team should be ahead on the table, as Sean’s Dyche squad played with a clear plan, was cohesive in possession and had players playing for the badge. On the other hand, Chelsea was the complete opposite, as the Blues had no evident style of play besides keeping the ball and hoping for the best.

While Chelsea started strong, with Mykhailo Mudryk forcing a save from Jordan Pickford, the Blues failed to keep up the pressure in the second half, which Everton pounced on. For example, Sean Dyche’s main man, Abdoulaye Doucouré, scored in the 54th minute as he pounced on the loose ball from Sanchez’s save against Calvert-Lewin and registered the home side’s first goal. 

If Chelsea fans were hoping a goal from the opposition would lift their team’s spirit, they were sourly wrong as it had the opposite effect, even with the oncoming substitutions. Chelsea failed to muster any real threat against Sean Dyche’s tactical defensive unit, and their misery compounded when Lewis Dobbin headed home Everton’s second from a corner and sealed Chelsea’s third defeat in four matches.

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Sean Dyche Addressed Mauricio Pochettino’s Comments on Chelsea Were the Better Side

However, despite his side’s lack of cutting edge at the crucial end of the field, Mauricio Pochettino claimed his side was better on the pitch, in which the reporters licked their lips and directed the question to Sean Dyche. In response, the Toffees boss stated: “They are a very good team, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Sean Dyche further reiterated: “They are better in some ways. For example, they kept the ball, had very good technical players and spent a fortune on players. He is a top manager. So I wouldn’t dispute his opinion, but you have to find ways of winning, and that is the biggest pleasing thing for me – we are finding different ways of winning. There are games we have dominated the chance count and won games, and there are games where we haven’t and won games, there are games where we have defended resolutely like today, had to fight and work and do the ugly side.”

Lastly, Sean Dyche ended the discussion with his views on how these fixtures will benefit his team in a long season. “That mixture is really important over a season, never more so than recently with the news of the points (Deduction) and all that business. So to find different ways of winning is very pleasing. To find different ways of winning against what will be a top side again, because they have a top manager and some very good players, is very pleasing and under all that is a very firm mentality that is growing all the time and growing with the supporters.”

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Will Other Clubs Face Punishment Like Everton?

As of the time of writing this, clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea, which have undergone investigations in the past and present, will not face immediate punishment. According to reports, Everton’s violations are new regulations stating that any breach of rules should be handled before the end of the current season rather than dealing with it when the club’s standing at the table was confirmed.

As for Manchester City and Chelsea, the Premier League will handle their matters differently as they will conduct a more complex and deeper investigation for their alleged rule breaches. Despite the explanations, less wealthy clubs and fans have mounted their displease at the treatment of different stature clubs as they pointed out that FFP has already long investigated City and Chelsea but has not implemented any punishments on the clubs.

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