All 27 Fishing Locations Map, Fishes & Baits

If you like playing Genshin Impact, then you might be interested in knowing All 27 Fishing Locations Map, Fishes & Baits to improve your gameplay. After all, knowing these might just catch some important fish types that will make things fun for you. They are called ornamental fish, and they are said to cause a lot of ripples. Of course, you can raise them to be petted. While you might have difficulty figuring it out on your own, this guide will help make things easier for you.

Types of fishing baits

The first thing you should know about would be the different types of bait, the recipes for making them, and when you need to use them. Below are some things about the bait that would help you out.

Fruit paste

The first thing is something that you can easily get from the fishing tutorial. All you really need for this is one wheat and one sunsettia, and you will get ten fruit paste bait.


You can buy the blueprint for this bait on Nantuck for three medaka fishes. The recipe is fairly easy too. All you need is one fowl and one denderobium, and you will get ten redrod baits.

False worm

If you want some false worm bait, you can get it the same way from the blueprint of the redrot. For the recipe, you will need one slime concentrate and one berry, and you get ten false worm baits.

Fake fly

Last but not least, with the blueprint costing three medaka fishes, you get ten fake fly baits if you mix in horsetail and a sakura bloom.

These are all the types of baits that you need to know about in all 27 Fishing Locations Map, Fishes & Baits. This should help you out now that you are going to explore all the fishing spots.

Fishing Spots and Fishes

There are a lot of fishing spots, and each one have different types of fish. Knowing them makes it easier for you to find the type of fish that you are looking for.

Fishing spots

There are 27 fishing spots that you can get to, and they are: the Stormbearer mountains, the east of Monstadt, Falcon Coast River, South of Monstadt, Dawn Winery, Qingce Village, Stormterror’s Lair South, Stormterror’s Lair North, Dragonspine, Stone Gate, West of Wangshu Inn, Bridge West of Mingyun Village, Tianqiu Valley, River of Mt. Hulao, Mt. Aocang, Northwest Bishui Plain #1 and #2, Luhua Pool, Southeast of Liyue Harbor, Ritou, Violet Court Domain, Shipwreck East of Tatarasuna, Nazuchi Beach, Eastern cost Suigetsu Pool, North of Sangonomiya Shrine, East of Koseki Village and the West of Fort Hirafumi.

Fishes available There is also a lot of fish available in all 27 fishing locations maps, fishes & baits. This includes the pufferfish, purple shirakodai, medaka, dawncatcher, crystalfish, rusty koi, golden koi, glaze medaka, lunged stickleback, akai maou, bitter pufferfish, sweet flower medaka, betta, brown shirakodai, abiding angelfish, snowstrider, tea colored shirakodai, aizen medaka, and the venomspine fish.

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