Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP) – How To Cut Down Tree (Hidden Tree Garden)

Cut hidden move is a forbidden secret technique used to cut small trees efficiently. However, obtaining the secret move is not as easy as it seems. That is why we have made a guide to teaching you how to cut down tree – hidden tree garden (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

How To Unlock Cut Hidden Move?

This is a long process where you have to meet a lot of characters and fight or help them to get credits to unlock this hidden move. You can easily unlock this move by following our guide.

Getting the Cut hidden move is not a hard task. In fact, it requires you to visit only one place. However, unlocking the move to use it for you is a long process. To get the hidden move, you should head to the Eterna City between the mountains and trees. It is the first place you can visit after entering the city.

Once you enter the place, you will see Cynthia, an NPC who will give you a TM (Technical Machine) which is the primary artifact for the Cut hidden move. However, you can’t unlock or use the move until you get the Forest Badge from Gardenia, the Eterna City Gym Leader.

Collect Forest Badge

Let us see how to collect the forest badge from Gardenia. It is a long process so stick together to avoid confusion. After getting the Forest Badge, you can cut small trees in the garden using the Cut hidden move without any restrictions.

First, you have to get to the gym, which is on the southeast side of Eterna City. You will meet Gardenia there. She will tell you that you will not be able to use the hidden move until you become strong enough and beat the four gym trainers. After meeting her, exit the gym through the back door, where you can get to the garden portion of the gym.

Walk until you see the green patch where the first trainer will be. Fight and defeat the trainer so that you can go to the second trainer. After deafening the first one, walk through the way in the tree lines where you can see the second one. Defeat the second one too.

Then, walk along the way until you reach a dense tree line. You can see three trees with light green leaves different from other trees. There you can find the third trainer. He is a tricky one, so play careful and defeat him too.

Now, you should head back to the gym through the way on your right side. Near the end, you can see a cluster of flowers on your left-hand side. If you turn towards it and walk, you can find the fourth one. Fight and defeat him too.

Now you have earned the right to fight against Gardenia. She will accept your challenge and fight with you. Give your best and defeat her to unlock the forest badge. Now you can unlock the Cut hidden move and start cutting trees easily.

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