Messi’s House

There is no doubt about the fact that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers of this generation. As the reports state, his net worth of earnings as of 2022 is $420 million. Not only does it make him one of the highest-paid footballers but also, he owns expensive and luxury houses as well. The houses of this Argentinean superstar footballer are in Argentina and in Barcelona, Spain.

House of Messi in Barcelona

The Barcelona house of this Argentine star player is absolutely expensive and luxurious. It has an amazing exterior. The house has a swimming pool, and a small football pitch as well, where he trains himself. There is a dining area in the garden and a small playground for his children as well. From his spacious house, he is also able to have a great view of the beautiful hills in Catalonia. Just like the exterior, the interior is equally beautiful as well.  The interior holds a Mediterranean style having some basic décor. The color scheme is beige and dark brown. You shall find many sofas around the room having either dark grey or dark brown colors to them. Messi loves spending time with the family in the outside dining area which is on the terrace. It has a barbecue as well.

The location of this house is in a place called Bellmar, in Barcelona. Every house within this Castelldefels area costs around $5 million. In fact, the prices of the houses in this area got increased ever since Messi made one of his houses there in the year 2009. It was actually a used house that Messi had bought for $2.1 million in the year 2009. After that, he spent $7 million in order to modify and turn it into a luxurious home. The light color walls of this house complement well with the wooden floor. The house also has a gym. His house is known to be a ‘no-fly zone.’ No planes are allowed to fly over his house.

House of Messi in Argentina

In his hometown in Rosario, Argentina Messi has his riverfront house where he loves to spend time with his family during the off-seasons of the game. This is a luxurious mansion with all the facilities that a millionaire can have. From having a semi-Olympic swimming pool, soccer field, press conference room, and independent spaces for lodging and entertainment, it has many more facilities than you can ever imagine of. The mansion is also surrounded by many trees so that privacy can be maintained from his neighbors and the reporters. The initial investment behind this mansion was $5 million but later it reached $10 million after the addition of all the facilities that he required.

Other houses that Messi has
Other than the above-mentioned houses, Messi also has a house in Milan, a Porsche Design condo tower in Miami, Florida, and also a rented house in Hua Hin, Thailand. Each of these houses has its own identity in terms of architecture and luxuries.

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