Olivier Giroud Is a Natural in Goal as He Made a Massive Save in Their 1-0 Win Against Genoa

Football is the gift that keeps giving, as Olivier Giroud produced yet another moment that will go down in the sport’s history. While we know the Frenchman is one of the most underrated players of all time, Giroud revealed yet another trick up his sleeves as he went in goal for Maignan and produced a heroic save to earn the win for the Rossoneri. Giroud faced an early scare between the post when his bar rattled before rushing off his line and throwing a fist at the ball to punch it away, earning himself the best Goalkeeping ratio in the world. 

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Olivier Giroud Replaces the Red-Carded Maignan in Goal and Saves Milan in Dramatic Finale

After back-to-back dull Champions League outings against Newcastle and Dortmund, Milan fans were dying for a high-intensity game against Genoa. However, they may have asked more than they bargained for as Genoa and Milan contested a dramatic last 20 minutes that encapsulates what Football is.

For example, Cristian Pulisic gave the Rossoneri the lead in the 87th minute after a fantastic half-volley strike. However, the goal was subjected to a three-minute VAR check before the goal eventually stood. Then, in the final minutes of the intended 7 minutes of stoppage time, VAR came into play again as Mike Maignan seemed to commit a serious foul play as he caught Ekuban when contesting for the ball.

After a quick check, the ref sent Maignan off, and Milan had to play with 10 men and an outfield player in goal. Thus, Giroud stepped forward of the adamant Pulisic and assumed his position between the sticks. The World Cup winner breathed a sigh of relief when Gudmundsson hit the crossbar after his deflected free-kick before more drama continued when the Genoa Goalkeeper also saw red for his wild lunge at Tomori. It did not end there, as Giroud made an actual save as he came off his line and palmed the ball away from the onrushing Puscas before the ref blew the final whistle.

Olivier Giroud’s Official Post-Match Statements: “I Am Going to Frame This Shirt”

Seeing something different from usual is always welcome, and Giroud agrees wholeheartedly that this is a new emotion to him after he went in goal for Maignan. “I never have a moment like this, and I did not think I would experience this emotion, but it was crucial to have made that save.”

When asked how he made the save, he replied: “I thought I had to go for the ball, so I relied on courage and went for the ball. I was unsure whether it was a header or not, so I thought, go, and it is better to be there than staying on the line. I do not have the movements of a goalkeeper, but that is what I felt. It really hurt my arm, but that is fine.”

As for how he ended as the goalkeeper, Giroud responded: “I think I was the tallest, so I went to goal. As a child, I liked to be a keeper. I experienced a unique emotion when I made the save, almost like a goal. I am keeping this jersey now. I am framing it!”

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AC Milan Includes Olivier Giroud in Goalkeeper Squad List and Opens to Sell His Goalkeeping Jersey

To commemorate his heroics, AC Milan has included him among the goalkeepers on their official squad list against Genoa. Furthermore, the club is open to selling the goalkeeper jersey with ‘Giroud 9’ on the back at AC Milan stores and on their website.

As for their gesture, AC Milan replied: “The Club has decided to honour his performance in its last line of defence by putting him on the list of goalkeepers. Additionally, fans can now purchase the goalkeeper jersey and customize it with ‘Giroud 9’ at AC Milan retail outlets and on the official website.”

Unfortunately, if you are looking forward to buying one of these shirts, they are now sold out, and it may take a while before some fans resell it. As for who will follow in the footsteps of Giroud, let us know on our site here.

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